Our firm maintains a current list of active buyers and investors looking to purchase a business.  We know what types or businesses these buyers are looking for, and the level of investment they are seeking.

     At our firm, we are very selective and don't accept every listing.  Many business owners just don't have a business that can be marketed for sale with favorable results.  When we accept a listing into our inventory, we follow a series of proven steps to get the business sold:

1)  Education.  One of our agents will visit the business at a convenient time to learn as much about the operation as possible.  We will ask about the history, employees, physical location, reason for sale, customer base, contracts, financial situation, along with many other important aspects of the business.  The more we know about the business, the better we can market it to potential buyers.

2)  Valuation.  In order for any business to sell, it needs to be priced correctly.  Together with the seller, we will determine the value of the business and agree on a listing price.  Our firm has access to information that shows the value of similar businesses.

3)  Marketing.  Our proprietary marketing plan will get the listing in front of as many potential buyers as possible.  Unlike many other firms, we work with, and share our fee with, other brokerage firms to expose the business to even more buyers.

4)  Screening.  There are many, many people looking, who will never actually buy a business.  We perform a screening process to identify qualified buyers, and only take them to the next step if they are financially sound  and would be a good fit for the particular business.

5)  Closing.  Finding potential buyers is only part of the process.  Our firm excels at getting that prospect to place the offer and guiding the whole process through to a successful closing.