With over 20 years experience in business and franchise sales, Tri State Business Authority is the company that will help you find an outstanding opportunity to meet your goals of business ownership.

Independent Businesses

     When you contact us, we will find out the type of business that would best suit you, along with the level of investment that you want to make.  We thoroughly screen all of our listings, and only accept quality listings into our inventory. 

     For most people who contact us, this is the first business that they have ever bought.  It is also the biggest investment that they will make in their lifetime.  We will guide you through the process and keep you informed the entire way through.  Our network of quality professionals are available to help you also;  accountants, attorneys, lenders, and valuation firms are all a phone call away.


      There are over 3500 franchisors in the U.S., representing every type of business concept imaginable.  We attend franchise conferences and stay up to date on the best opportunities.  Many franchise systems become "hot" among potential buyers, and they achieve a certain level of recognition.  Many of these we consider "fad franchises".  You can proabably think of many franchises that have come and gone over the years.  You will never find this type of franchise in our inventory.  We only represent quality franchise systems that offer a strong support system and an excellent possibility of success.