Successful local florist. Cash Business!

Owner moving out of the country.

Price: $55,000.00

Gross Sales: $45,000.00


     The store is located in a busy strip mall and has approximately 1750 sf.  There is ample parking right in front of the store, and the shopping center is well maintained.  Many orders are delivered, and a vehicle is included with the purchase. 

     This is the only florist in town, which means that the majority of sales from the online retailers are directed to this business.  The current owner does no marketing / advertising.  By putting together a marketing strategy using online and local marketing, the business can be grown significantly.  Also, the inside of the store can be decorated more extensively to increase in-store sales.  The current owner has only owned this business for two years, and must move out of the country with his family. 


This successful florist is ready to be taken to the next level.  Located in a busy strip mall, this florist gets business from local funeral homes and wedding halls, as well as significant online sales.  A buyer with some floral experience or creativity can easily grow this business.


The current owner will stay to train the buyer to insure a smooth transition.

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